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Ace of Wands and The Star

A few weeks ago, whilst taking part in a group meditation with the amazing spiritual circle that I attend, I was lucky enough to receive a message from my Grandad, who is in spirit. His name was Patrick and this is because he was born on St Patrick’s Day – 17th March. 

One very clear message that he passed on to me, whilst referring to his own birth date, was that this particular date was going to be a “Game Changer”. He didn’t elaborate but I trusted the message was meant for me, personally. However, as the weeks have gone on and the world seems to be changing beyond anything we all could have imagined, I am beginning to wonder whether the message wasn’t just for me and was, in fact, a statement about everything in world or in fact the entire universe. 

As I look at these two tarot cards, I have the same feeling. These two cards combined do suggest a “Game Changer” of a week. The Ace of Wands is a powerful force of energy which bursts into our consciousness and makes us sit up and take notice. This could mean in our own life, when we suddenly see new beginnings or exciting new opportunities open up (where there was nothing but status quo or blocks and endings preventing us from moving forward before). Or, it could mean that we suddenly feel a surge of energy within us to make changes in our life and begin to take charge of our own destiny.

In the global sense, we seem to be seeing this surge of energy all around the world, and although we can see that the way people choose to use their energy can, sadly, be negative and destructive and cause much pain and suffering to others. There are many more people who are using their energy to help each other, protest and demonstrate against what they do not want to see in their world and provide acts of kindness and charity to strangers in need. 

In the Ace of Wands, we see a hand emerging from a dark cloud, carrying a wooden stick. That stick can be used as a weapon, or a tool to make something creative, it can even be used as a baton to conduct an orchestra. Its purpose and use very much depends on whose hand holds it, which is very much the message of this card as wands symbolise our own energy. If this week is going to be a “Game Changer”, then how you react to this and use your energy is the only thing that you can control.

Which brings me on to our second card, The Star; I have often explained that the Major Arcana cards are messages from the universe to summarise what is happening in our lives. The Star shows a naked maiden, pouring two jugs of water, one back into the pool of water from whence it came and the other on to the ground. Behind her is a tree, with the Ibis bird perched on the top. The Ibis bird is symbolic as being adaptable and a symbol of good luck. In the sky is one large star, accompanied by seven smaller ones and as we are drawn to look at the stars in the sky, it is a reminder that there is an infinite number of them shining above us in the huge expanse of universe that we are a very small part of. 

To see The Star in this week’s reading, is a reminder that we are all connected and part of the universe. These last few years we have been reminded of this constantly as we all navigate the same worldwide issues and realise that how we behave and the decisions that we make could have an impact to someone else on the other side of the world. 

When we are faced with The Star card, we can often feel small as a tiny human in the immense universe but, I feel, the card’s message this week is how important we all are and that we all have an important part to play in this world. 

One of the things that The Star card does not do is give away spoilers (much like my dear relative when he passed on his own message a few weeks ago). If The Star is signifying that the universe is going to provide us with “Game Changing” scenarios and situations, then all we can really do is trust that it will all work out exactly as planned and everything will be ok in the end. If you have trouble doing this – as this seems frighteningly out of your control – then you are resonating with an aspect of The Star card that many people have trouble adjusting to; vulnerability. This vulnerability is seen in the nakedness of the lady in the picture, but, it is important to remember she is also free and unrestricted. 

As out two cards work together to create an insight for us to be guided by, then we can channel the positive messages from them both. Let the universe place us where we need to be and allow ourselves to embrace the situation and use our energy in a positive way, to make the very best of whatever that might be.