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Eight of Pentacles and The World

This week’s message came through very loud and clear and is about the difference between thinking big and thinking small. 

The Eight of Pentacles shows a lady working hard. She is determined and focused on what she wants to achieve and create and, as it seems the sun is setting behind her, she has likely been there all day long. She shows how easy it can be to be dedicated and absorbed in work. In our own way we can all identify a little with this Eight of Pentacles energy. Whether you are working for financial gain, or are a carer for parents or children and work hard from morning to night every day looking after others, or perhaps you have given yourself personal projects that you wish to achieve and have self-imposed deadlines in your mind, we all strive hard to create a better world for ourselves and those that we love.

However, as we do this we can often lose sight of the bigger picture. Have another look at the Eight of Pentacles card. Is there anything there that you did not see before? Did you notice the fruit in the tree or the luscious bunch of grapes. There are crystals scattered on the floor and the roots of the tree are sprawling out over the earth reminding us of the need to be grounded. Did you even notice where the pentacles were? They are part of the wheel which is the tool this lady is using. I feel the message that these overlooked symbols bring us is that we must try not to become too involved in just one thing,  as we then can fall into the trap of missing other details that may be there to show us important lessons outside what we are concentrating on. 

Our second card is the energy card, The World. I mention this is an energy card and not a tarot card as within the tarot The World is shown as the last card in the Major Arcana and numbered twenty-one, whereas this energy card is number twenty-nine of fifty-three cards so very much in the middle suggesting we are only part the way through a cycle at the moment. 

In comparison to our lady in the pentacles, in this card we have an older man standing on a jetty and looking out over water. Above him is the world circled with a beautiful white light and glistening in the dark sky. If the pentacles card is symbolising thinking small, this card is doing the exact opposite. This man is seeing how he is connected with the world and everything in it. We often look to the planets and how they are aligned to explain the energy around us, but, we forget we are also on a , hurtling around in space and entwined with all living things that also reside here. 

We are beginning to spend more time thinking about the bigger picture and how the actions we take in our own ‘small world’ can have positive or negative impacts on other people, plants or animals thousands of miles away. With the use of technology we are able to communicate in ways that were not possible a few decades ago, meaning that everyone within the world can work together for the higher good.

At the moment, it feels very much like we are all being put in position for some very big changes that are going to happen at the end of March/April 2022. It seems that although we are all dealing with our own very important issues that are causing us to focus on our individual needs, we are all also becoming more aware of the need to work together to deal with the world’s needs to. 

When we see ourselves as a very small person in a big world and think of the issues that face us on a global scale, it can seem a little overwhelming to say the least! But, think again at how the Eight of Pentacles applies to you; how hard you work, how resilient and dedicated you are when you passionately work towards something that is important to you in your own life. Applying that on a bigger scale will benefit not only you, but enhance the energy of the world too. 

I feel there is a message being repeated in the universe that over the next year we are all going to need to work together with a common aim of making the world a better place. The endless cycles of self-destruction do not get us anywhere and we are beginning to get lots of wake up calls to highlight this message. 

The universe has dropped more than a few hints over the last couple of years that our world is changing and we are being urged to take the time to think about the bigger picture as we carry out our daily tasks too. As we now move away from the lockdowns which hit us hard during the pandemic, let us not forget that it was kindness, love and a sense of community and togetherness (albeit virtually!) that helped a lot of people in their darkest days. We have all realised that we are in this world together, and, looking out for each other, showing positivity and love could well be the catalyst to help us make a better one.