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The World and the Queen of Pentacles

I have chosen one energy card and one tarot card for our reading this week. Ironically, the energy card that has shown itself is The World, which also appears in the tarot. In tarot packs The World card is numbered twenty-one and signifies a successful completion of a life cycle, but, when I look at this energy card I feel it is trying to give a different message, but, for once I am stuck as to what that is. 

When I give tarot readings I sometimes experience a blockage when I am trying to give messages or get to the bottom of why a certain card has come up in a reading. That is not to say I am blocked because I can’t read tarot, it is because I am clairsentient and can sense very deeply the feelings and emotions in others. So, when I am blocked it is because I am feeling my way through the client’s own dilemmas, confusion and uncertainty to get to the heart of the matter and find the answers or solutions that were literally right there in front of me.

For the first time ever (as I have sat here staying at a blank screen) the thought occurred to me, shall I just pick another card – an easier one to interpret? I immediately dismissed the thought as I strongly feel as a tarot reader that my job is to pass on the messages that I have been given – even if they are difficult or challenging. I feel the cloaked figure in The World card is an interpretation of the wider universe which is looking down on all of us throughout the Earth and doing its best to pass on wisdom. And every message that I get in this way is always with the intention to help and never hinder. 

And that’s when it hit me, that it is not my job to write an inspirational message about how The World is a beautiful, peaceful place that we should all cherish and be happy in. Don’t get me wrong, I am generally a very positive person but I am also a realist. As we can see in this picture, the world is always half in light and half in shade. There are times when we have clear, bright vision of everything about us and times that we are plunged into darkness and that happens every single day as we experience day and night. Yes, the world is full of beauty and wonder but it also a confusing, upsetting and difficult place to be and I do feel that a large majority of people are looking at events that are taking place in the world and shaking their heads wondering what the world is coming to. 

When we look at global events that are having repercussions on every human being be it the cost of living, climate change, war and food shortages, it is no wonder that the message I am writing is a difficult one. The world is being shown as a small and fragile place in this card and it is a sad fact that it is at breaking point and something needs to change. 

But, along with The World this week is the Queen of Pentacles who gives me comfort and a maternal calming influence that is very much needed at this time. The Queen of Pentacles has known hardship and struggles. Pentacles are representative of the Earth signs and our connection to nature and all the other living species in our world. She is surrounded by spirit beings that are entwined in the branches of the trees behind her and is tuned into the healing and positive energy of the quartz crystals around her. 

When I look at the Queen I am aware that she is just one person but is loved and respected because she is committed to make a positive difference in the world. I can’t help make a resemblance to our own Queen who celebrated her platinum jubilee last weekend and, in doing so, bought a nation together to spread joy, happiness, laughter and kindness. 

The Queen of Pentacles gives us the reminder that one person can make a difference. If you are looking at The World card and recognising the stark reality that we need to make it a better place, then rather than becoming the solitary, dark, hooded figure who sees the world as far away and untouchable or someone else’s problem, perhaps we should embrace the determined and practical qualities of the Queen of Pentacles and become one with the earth and find ways to enhance our own lives, the lives of others around us and the world as a whole. 

I do strongly feel that The World is giving us very clear signs that this is a time of transformation. As we start to push the memories of being in lockdown to the back of our minds, we mustn’t forget how nature flourished when humans were not actively going about their business. We humans are often at the root of many of the problems that are going on in the world, perhaps the message this week was so hard to put into words as it is a very difficult truth to deal with. 

My job is to pass on the messages I am intuitively guided to give. Unfortunately, I do not have solutions to the world problems or an assurance that everything will turn out well. The only message I have is that we are all temporary visitors to this wonderful world, so we really should take good care of it.