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The Moon and the Five of Wands

As if by magic, The Moon has appeared in our reading today, and, in doing so, reminds us that it is the last of the Full Moons of 2021 this week. But as I look at this card I am not drawn to the moon, I am drawn to the animals that appear in the foreground. 

This week, these animals are reminding me of us humans who spend so much time looking up at the moon with an knowing that we are so completely connected to its power and its influence. However, it is so often the case that rather than harnessing that power and channelling our energies to work positively with this incredible force of nature, we prefer to howl up at it like the jackal and wolf, or, raise our fists in anger at the night sky wondering why we cannot be given a break, looking much like the crayfish who has emerged from the lake waving his claws in the air. 

There is a path in this picture. It is curvy, dimly lit and a difficult one to follow as it snakes high into the cold, bleak mountains. Its ending isn’t clear but it is taking us passed the two towers that often appear in the tarot and act as markers when we are moving towards new boundaries and cycles of our life. To follow this path needs strength and the intuition to know that it will lead us to a better future and a higher version of ourselves. To tap into this sixth sense (which is the quiet and intelligent part of our soul that lives hidden away in the depths of our being) takes uninterrupted, still contemplation. 

And there is the conundrum of The Moon card – as we stand on the start of a new path, we need to be focused enough to have the ability to listen to the whispering voice inside us whilst all around  people are howling and shouting at the moon. Do you have what it takes to do this?

The reason I am asking is because over these next few months we have some very big energies coming our way, which have the ability to be life changing. In the next week alone we have the start of Venus Retrograde (which continues well into January); this will shine a light on our relationships, money and passions. Also this week we have Saturn and Uranus squaring up to each other which will be causing us to be torn between our past and future and causing a little confusion and chaos along the way. And all of this will also be in addition to our powerful Gemini Full Moon who will be shining down on us brightly finding its own unique way to draw out of us what we need to focus on, deal with or let go of in our life. 

All this energy will manifest itself within us and the people around us, which is symbolised well with our second tarot card the Five of Wands. This week I want to call the Five of Wands the ‘shouty’ card! It often represents arguments, chaos, drama and disagreements, but, with this beautiful Crystal Tarot deck, the wands are accompanied by the crystal, Blue Lace Agate. 

Blue Lace Agate is aligned to the throat chakra and I feel that there are going to be many occasions this week where our throat chakra will be in overdrive. Whether that will be to stand up for yourself whilst others are shouting over you, or to speak authentically to regain your power in a situation or, possibly, even to shout out words of encouragement to your loved ones (or yourself) as important decisions are made or life changing situations occur, will depend on where you are on your current moon-lit path. 

One thing that acts as a warning in the Five of Wands is the element of fire. Fire has its uses, it keeps us warm and lights a path for us in the dark. But it can be dangerous and uncontrollable too. If you are sensing the ‘shouty-ness’ is becoming a little too intense this week (or perhaps even destructive), it may be sensible to focus back to The Moon tarot card and ask yourself who would you rather be?

Do you want to be one of the crazy animals howling, or do you want to use your energy in a more useful way and continue along your path towards something better and brighter? 

Sometimes it’s great to hang with the pack and other times we instinctively know when it’s time to move on.  But, I feel the important message for us all this week is for us to strive to have the wisdom to know the difference. If we can do that then we will be aligning ourselves with the power and influence of that beautiful big moon that watches over us all.

Next week will be the last weekly tarot article before I take a break for the holidays and I will also be doing a live Facebook tarot reading at the weekend too. Keep a look out on my Facebook page for the time and date. Hope to see you there.


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