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The Lovers and Temperance

It’s decision time! This was the message that came to me when I picked the first tarot card of The Lovers this week. But, it doesn’t seem like an agonising decision or one that will cause us too much upset or stress. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “What makes me happy?”

As I picked the second card, Temperance, and looked at these two cards together they seem to give such a lovely message of calm and happiness but also urging us to live the most authentic life possible. Reminding us we all can have a happy place.

The Lovers is reminding me this week that unconditional love is not a rare treat only offered to a chosen few. Unconditional love is within all of us. It is what makes the world go round. We are aware of this when we are infinite, invisible souls floating around the universe, but, when we choose to come back to earth and life a human life that can get forgotten. We do not love or appreciate ourselves or the love that is around us and sometimes that can lead to us making the wrong decisions or choices.

The Lovers card in this Rider Waite pack shows a scene from the Garden of Eden. (You may spot the snake whispering in Eve’s ear as he wraps himself around the infamous apple tree.) The story of this unfortunate pair being banished from the Garden of Eden due to Eve’s error of judgement is one we all learn from primary school. The terrifying and catastrophic emotions of guilt, regret, desire, curiosity and abandonment and how they will affect the rest of our lives is instilled in us from an early age.

 It is no wonder then when we make mistakes in our own lives we feel that these need to stay with us for so long. Why do we find it so hard to forgive ourselves and move on? How many of us carry guilt, regret or the pain of making a wrong choice around with us until it moulds us into who we are or dictates how we live our lives?

We are often told to learn from our mistakes but we also need to use the unconditional love that is within us to forgive ourselves too.

I am looking at these two cards now and wondering if Temperance is not an older version of Eve? She looks contented, at peace with herself and enjoying the simple pleasures of life and living in the moment. She has also transformed into an angel on earth, with the butterflies surrounding her acknowledging that transformation. She no longer agonises about the wrong choice she made (and possibly has given Adam the elbow, maybe because he couldn’t stop moaning about that one thing she did wrong many years ago?!) 

I am not meaning to cause offence by re-writing biblical stories, but haven’t we heard enough about how terrible Eve was once when she did something she was told not to do? It is time to stop giving her such a hard time and move on. And that message goes for all of us. 

The Lovers symbolise love, but also choice. We can choose to forgive, forget, move one and find happiness and peace within us. 

Temperance symbolises a time in our life when we acknowledge that we need to take a kinder, gentler approach to ourselves. It is offering us a chance to clear our mind of the things that drag us down which will leave space for some new and wonderful experiences.

These two cards combined are prescribing a huge dollop of self-love to us all. If you like my story of the more mature Eve who has found a way to enjoy her life on earth, then there is no reason why we can’t find ways to do the same for ourselves. 

Of course, it goes without saying that life on Earth can be hard sometimes and things don’t always work out the way we would want them to. But, it is also a place where we can learn lessons and become wiser. And as we do that we can figure out what makes us happy, what our purpose is or simply choose to put bad memories and unhelpful emotions behind us and move on. 

At the moment we are moving through the Cancer season which is a wonderful time for nurturing, caring for ourselves and loved ones and finding ways to feel contented and loved. 

This week perhaps take time to ask yourself how you can achieve the same contented, calm, happy composure of our grown up Eve Angel? And if this leads to making decisions and choices of how to change your life for the better, hopefully they will not be too difficult.

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