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The Hermit and The Hierophant

Both of the cards which have been chosen for us this week show people staring into the sky – which I am sure many of us will be doing too as we will be greeted by a Super Full Moon on Wednesday.

Interestingly this will be the second in a run of three Super Full Moons, so it may well feel like we are in the middle of our very own trilogy; aware that we are very far removed from where we were a month ago, but, have the deep feeling that we still have a lot more to do or learn before we can reach completion of this particular cycle of our life. 

Our two cards are from the Major Arcana, The Hermit and The Hierophant. When major cards appear I always feel it is a message from the universe and, in this case, they are both suggesting a period of stillness or reflection may be in the offering as we bathe in the moonlight this week. 

Both of these cards show people sitting looking towards the sky and we often do this ourselves when we are looking for answers. The Hermit shows a woman on her own, listening to the whispers of her soul, whereas The Hierophant has two smaller figures looking up at a bigger lady whose head seems to emanating purple and pink light. This is reminding us that we can also ask for guidance or look to wiser beings – be they earthly teachers or spirit guides – to help find the way forward. 

Whichever of these approaches you prefer is your choice and either one – or even a combination of the two – can be helpful. However, I feel an important point to note is that whichever process we choose it must be what we want and not what others force upon us. For instance, choosing to be a Hermit in order to work through or process thoughts, feelings, emotions or situations is a healthy way to do some much needed soul searching. However, being pushed away from a group or made to feel isolated or left alone is an upsetting experience that can make us want to shun the world and the people around us. 

Similarly, we can gain much wisdom by looking to teachers, counsellors or spiritual leaders who help us expand our own mind and understanding of the world but, too much lecturing or being discouraged to challenge our superiors can be a very disempowering and life limiting experience. 

I feel that as we approach this full moon we will have more questions than answers. Why am I here? What do I do now? When will I know my purpose? How much longer will this phase of my life take? Where will I be this time next year? Will I ever achieve my goals? When? Where? Why? What? It is lucky the full moon is so big this week as it will be carrying the weight of many unanswered questions! 

We can lose ourselves in confusion, uncertainty and frustration as we search for clarity. These two cards reflect the part of our human self that is desperate to make sense of things. And, I cannot give you any reassurances that you will ever truly understand everything that has happened to you or around you. In fact, accepting that you were never truly meant to understand everything could be the key for moving on from this current period of contemplation.

Like I said earlier, this is the second of three Super Full Moons, so we may have to stay tuned for the season finale in August to clear up everything that is on our minds and that can be incredibly frustrating, but, the positive we can take from this is that it is teaching us patience and the importance of Divine Timing. 

We so often want to rush through our life and start the next phase, but, The Hermit card teaches us to take things at a slower pace, meditate, pause and reflect. As this lady sits under a tree with the sun popping up from behind the sand dunes, it does remind us that we all long for holidays and rest periods which do us the world of good. As I look at The Hierophant card, it seems that the two figures are looking up in awe at the larger than life being on the rock, and this reminds me of the wholesome feeling we can get just by spending time with people who inspire us or fill us with joy, or, the overwhelming connection to the universe we get when we see nature at its most powerful and awesome. 

Sometimes when we allow ourselves to take time out, it relaxes our mind, body and spirit enough to let the answers to our questions appear in our heads seemingly without effort. So, don’t stress, if you feel you have much to learn, because the answers are within you and will appear when the time is right.