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The Lovers and the Four of Swords

The first thing that I feel I need to ask is whether you feel a little jealous towards either of the scenarios in these cards?

Do you long for a gorgeous partner to look lovingly into your eyes and feel closely connected to? Or does the thought of snuggling up alone in your own comfortable nest and having some rest seem like the ultimate aim right now?

Perhaps jealousy is a strong word to use because none of us really like to admit it when we are feeling a little jealous, do we? But, any negative emotions that are stirred within us, are usually an indication that something is not right and needs to change.  And that is the great thing about the tarot, whether we like it or not, it has a knack of tapping into the very depths of our soul and highlighting the things that we are longing for or lacking in our life. 

When I look at The Lovers card and the Four of Swords, I can’t help thinking that we need a mixture of both of these situations in our life. Funnily enough, the song that rang in my head which was downloaded by my (incredibly sarcastic) spirit guide was My Girl’s Mad at Me by Madness. If you are not familiar with the song, do look it up, it is a UK favourite from the 1980s. But, the line I heard was; “…why can’t she see…she’s lovely to me. But, I like to stay in…and watch TV…on my own…every now and then”.

I think that sums up the important elements of these two cards and how we all need a little of both!

Having people to love and being loved is a wonderful part of human life. And, having a loving, caring, equal and sensual relationship with a partner can be the most pleasurable experience. But, the Four of Swords’ kind of love…of realising how much you care about and love yourself, and taking the time to look after and cherish your own mind, body and spirit is equally as uplifting. 

The great message here is that you don’t have to choose one or the other. Indeed, I truly believe that this week the card’s messages are urging us all to seek both kinds of love that can be seen in these cards.

Getting back to my original question of which one are you longing for? It may be, that you now feel that you have spent enough time nurturing yourself and feel in a good, safe space to venture out into the world of dating again. Or, maybe, you and your partner have grown on a spiritual level and now see each other more clearly, having overcome old wounds or learned behaviour from past relationships. 

Or perhaps you are sensing that The Lovers feels a little too intense for you and you would prefer to work out what you really want in your own life, before you leap into a relationship. Or, maybe you are just crying out for some sleep and need your family members to take over the reins and deal with the life admin for a while!

On a different note, taking away the relationship aspects of these cards for a moment, The Lovers, is also very symbolic of us making a choice. 

So, if these cards are causing your mind to race, emotions to stir and feelings to be rattled, perhaps take the Four of Swords’ advice and rest for a little while. The Lovers often makes us examine what the choice is between our heart’s desire and our personal mind. Choices can sometimes be difficult, but, in a quiet space when you are allowing yourself the time to be present and not overthink – that is when the biggest flashes of inspiration occur to us. Whether you choose to listen to those little flashes of inspiration will depend on whether you choose what your heart or your mind is telling you.

But, remember, the choice is very much yours to live your life in any way that you want.