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Door to Personal Healing and Happiness and Ten of Wands

The Door to Personal Healing and Happiness opens up to reveal a different image to everyone who appears before it. It’s a little like the Room of Requirement in Hogwart’s School which presents a different (but perfectly ideal) room for each person who seeks it!

Acknowledging that we need to heal before we can move forward within our lives is the first step we take as we walk through this door that is offered to us. The image that appears to us is a version of our own life where we would be at our most contented and at peace. In this card it shows a beautiful rainbow with no hint of a dark cloud or rain in sight. Is that even possible? Well, actually -yes it is. On Monday, whilst I was waiting to pick my son up from his part-time job, I saw a rainbow exactly like this. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day with one fluffy cloud in the sky directly in front of me. Out of this cloud came a rainbow, but there was no rain or not even a threat of it. It felt like I was witnessing an amazing piece of nature, but, also came with the message that anything is possible.

So if anything is possible, perhaps it is time for us all to think about what we really want out of our lives. It is time to explore what healing and happiness looks like for each one of us. There may be some of you who require physical healing from an illness or are recovering from an operation. For others healing may come in the form of dealing with trauma from the past that is still impacting on everyday life or you may be grieving for the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship.

Every day we can celebrate the small ways in which we have allowed ourselves to heal and recover from whatever has been going on and these may be small steps to reaching a happier place but they are moving us in the right direction.

This card symbolises that we all have the ability and the opportunity to find happiness and healing -these doors are wide open to all of us and will remain so throughout our lives. 

Which is why I was ever so disappointed when I saw the card that accompanies this one is the Ten of Wands because putting them together in the order that they appeared to me looks as if this poor soul has not even noticed the door opening wide for him and has plodded straight passed it. 

And then it occurred to me that there will be some people who are reading this article and snorting sarcastically at the thought that happiness and healing applies to them and think I am just some deluded hippy! And that’s OK – I would totally understand that too. There was a time when I thought that happiness only happened to other people and I felt much like this person in the Ten of Wands card. I was so heavily weighed down with baggage and weary from travelling this barren path that I had stopped even contemplating another way of life was possible.

So, I will say it again, for those of you who didn’t feel it resonated with you – we ALL have this door open and available to us. If you are feeling more aligned with the Ten of Wands and carrying too much burden then it is time to explore what needs to change so that you can feel this applies to you. 

Imagine the character in the Ten of Wands was your best friend, or your child or your partner. Imagine you could see how overwhelmed they were and how much unnecessary baggage they were carrying. Imagine you could see that they were missing wonderful opportunities because their mindset was too cluttered with the endless amount of tasks and duties they felt they needed to perform. Imagine you could see ways that they were unnecessarily stopping their own happiness. What would you say to them? 

I am guessing you would do everything you could to help them and take away some of their burdens. Maybe you would even suggest they stop plodding forward and turn around and see what beautiful opportunity they had just missed and urge them to reassess their path. Or maybe you would forcefully drag them in the direction of the happiness door because you knew it was for their own good!

Why would we instinctively want happiness for the people we care about, but not consider it for ourselves?

How many times have you passed up opportunities or not felt like you deserve happiness or are too drained to contemplate how to make yourself feel better?

The number ten in the tarot indicates the end of a cycle. And wands symbolise the actions we carry out in our human world. And, quite frankly, this card is suggesting enough is enough. It’s time to change. 

This week we all have to imagine that the door to personal healing and happiness is opening for us and urging us to take notice of what is the other side of it. It is right there in front of us showing each individual exactly what their future could look like. For some the journey may take a bit longer than others or could involve a few challenges along the way, but, healing and happiness are possible.

All we have to do is take the first step and walk through the door. 

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