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Three of Swords and Judgement

We are working our way through the eclipse season and a Mercury Retrograde this week and the two cards we have are an encouraging sign that no matter what you are going through during this time the universe has got your back. Their message is urging us to deal with the pain and hurt that we carry around with us and let it go once and for all so we can move on to a better place and be more content within ourselves.

When the three of swords showed itself I heard the word ‘growth’ in my head. If you notice, there is a beautiful rose bush in this picture that is flourishing regardless of the harsh terrain, three of its flowers have been picked. Two of them lay on the floor discarded and the lady has one in her hand, but, despite this loss the rose bush keeps growing undeterred and as beautiful as ever. So, it would seem, we are to take our message from the rose bush rather than the lady with the swords piercing her heart.

In this picture we can see, very obviously, what is causing this lady’s pain and I instinctively want to rush to help her – to tell her if she takes out the swords, her heart will heal. Yet, we all walk around like this (metaphorically speaking) with pain in our hearts stabbing at us like swords and continue with our daily lives carrying on like it is perfectly normal. We do not always address our internal pain, sometimes it stays with us for years or in some cases we carry it to our graves.

Which brings me to my second card, Judgement, where we see many souls who have gone to their graves, and now they have passed over we see them spring joyfully from their coffins, embracing the call of the angels. They are now free from pain, suffering, and all the limitations of their human life and being welcomed to the after-life. Any swords they carried with them during their lifetime are gone, their arms are open and they are rejoicing for a future without the baggage of their past or concerns for their future that they held within them.

The message of Judgement today isn’t to remind us that when we pass over our pain and suffering will go away. The message is to remind us that we have the ability to feel this free and joyful in our life on Earth too. We have a choice to carry our pain with us or to let it go and move on to a better place – and we can make that choice within our lifetime NOT once we have finished it.

Of course, I am aware that in many cases this is easier said than done. Sometimes we don’t even know what the cause of our pain is – it is just something we have put up with in our heart and mind. But,  this current eclipse and retrograde period throughout June is bringing up reminders of our pain and troubles to help us realise that the choice is there for all of us.

At the moment we are being encouraged to dig deep and take a good look at why we are the way we are, why we react to certain situations the way we do, why we are adamant that we cannot change because we have deep rooted issues or traumas or ways of thinking that we do not address or move on from.

We hold ourselves back in so many ways, lack of self-esteem can play havoc in our minds as we tell ourselves we are not worthy, a traumatic childhood can have repercussions in adult relationships or, our learned behaviour can pass from generation to generation without being challenged in our minds that there is a better, more fulfilling way to act.

As I write this to you, I am taking this message very much to my heart and asking myself this incredibly big questions too, with the aim that I lose some of my own swords that I have held too long in my own heart and develop a happier way of life.

For those of you who know me well, it would be fair to say I can be a bit of a whirling dervish when it comes to how I approach my everyday life. I usually have at least three or four different projects on the go and very rarely sit and do nothing. Multi-tasking is my skill area and I take it to the extreme. As an example, I am writing this at 9am Saturday morning whilst sitting in my car with a boot full of rubbish waiting in line for the tip. I am dressed in my painting clothes so when I get home I can pick up my brush and start painting my hallway no doubt helping my son with his school revision whilst I do so. There used to be a time when I just accepted that was how I worked, but, during this eclipse season it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I am beginning to question why I am always in such of a hurry to get so much done every single day and always feel like I am running out of time?

I have begun to think deeply about where and why this mindset came about. Whilst meditating with this thought (and my lovely malachite crystal that I wrote about in ‘Crystal for the month of June’) a forgotten memory from my past was uncovered to me.

When I was twenty six I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a year of chemotherapy and was, thankfully, cleared. The doctor who administered the chemotherapy explained the possible side effects, one was my life expectancy may not be as long as ‘normal’ people. Looking ahead as a twenty six year old I assumed that I’d be lucky to reach forty (as that seemed so old back then!) but, fifty? Well, that seemed highly unlikely. I am forty-seven next month.

And then it clicked, I had carried around the pain of this conversation for twenty-one years, and my reaction has to be to try and fit in twice as much as most people in every day – in case that Doctor was right and my life wasn’t a long one.

Ironically, the Doctor also advised chemotherapy would mean I might never have children, which turned out not to be correct. But, it never occurred to be that the word ‘might’ was not a certainty when her morbid explanation was given.

Truth is, no one really knows how much time they have, but, that painful conversation of my own mortality has had an adverse effect on me for two decades, which I am now going to deal with.

I have shared this story with you, to show how easily a comment, situation, trauma or experience can cloud our behaviour for years. I write these articles to help others chose a better life for themselves with guidance from the universe, but, I am going through exactly the same things and we are all learning about ourselves along the way. And, if we realise we are all dealing with our own ‘stuff’ and we are not alone in this process, maybe we will see the swords in the hearts of our friends and loved ones too and help them heal as well, so we can all move on together.

So, this week, let us see how soul searching and addressing our painful memories and behaviour can give us that joyful and enlightening experience that is offered in the Judgement card. And let’s do it now, rather than wait before it is too late.

Sending you all lots of love and healing this week.

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